Big Fat Sandwich

My one small goal for today was yet another run to the grocery store. Girl’s gotta eat.

I’m not a fan of online shopping as I like to hold and inspect the goods I’m getting.

So I had to actually put clothes on, do something to my wild mane of curly hair, and outfitted with sanitizer and mask, I set off to acquire the few items I needed.

In honor of my daughter’s upcoming birthday (yes, here we go again) I got the ingredients to make beef stew.

I’m pretty worthless in the kitchen, preferring pre-packaged vittles.

When I was married, Devon’s dad did all the cooking (he’s an excellent chef), so it was the highest praise when one day she told me “Y’know, Mom, your stew is the best in the world. Even better than Daddy’s”.

My only child is thousands of miles away and all grown up now, but every time I make her favorite meal, it brings back to mind that most beautiful compliment.

So even though the crockpot does all the work, I’m “cooking” dinner tonight.

However, these things take time, so I had to eat while I waited.

Here in Cyprus, are sold (very cheaply) massive pitta sandwiches, filled with beef or chicken, tzatziki, tomatoes, onions and cabbage. So I stopped at the sandwich shop and collected my lunch.

Too big to eat by myself, so I got a Li’l help.

See you tomorrow!

Love and light

By LayneCain

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