13 Benefits, Values and Achievements that our Group Offers its Members

This post is a part of series of articles which I wrote that address the daily tasks and responsibilities of our Group’s Admin Team.

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If you’re already a Member of our Group, you are aware of its great value. Members of our Community are well aware of the benefits and achievements that our space adds to their lives. How do we know that? They express it in numerous posts and comments. They say that our Community is an amazing achievement. They write that we are the best group in Facebook history. We know that you have been enjoying our unique Group, and appreciate the service efforts that our Admin Team has been making.

“Arik, this site is amazing and it got all of us through a very trying and difficult time. Please do not close this site! It kept me and my husband sane! … Will support you and your team however I can.”

Pina, USA

Our innovative and hard work of Moderation has provided a unique space that unites people across the world. With more than half a million individuals who span 167 different countries, we have been setting an example of the peaceful and positive way we can maintain an International, cross-cultural Community, with respect, friendship, solidarity, compassion and love. We make a difference!

Through our work of Moderation, together with the content that our beloved Members share, we have been providing you with both inspiration and respite, a space filled with words of love and friendship, of sympathy and encouragement, of faith and hope. For many of us, particularly in the current reality, our Group is a safe haven. Together, we restored a belief in goodness and an aspiration toward peace and unity.

The Group is made up of a rich mix of cultures and life experiences . We celebrate the differences between our Members and recognize how we are able to learn from one another. Our intense efforts of Administration and Moderation have been bringing the world together in adversity. Through our Group, we are also getting a world tour every day from the comfort our our couch!

It would be worthwhile to detail, in an organized manner, the benefits, values and achievements that our Group brings to you, our Members. Here is the list:

1. We Established an Inspiring Global Community

We’re a great Group of over a half-million Members connecting from 167 countries, sharing the wonderful things that we see from our windows. In this way, we are providing personal windows to our worlds, and to our hearts.

The experience of seeing these pictures from all over the world makes us realize how much we all share as human beings.

“… Arik, what you have done here is an incredible thing – uniting people across the world and creating the facility to see the incredible, dramatic, beautiful and calming views that people have from their homes. This page is addictive in the best possible way and is doing so much to promote togetherness and restfulness…”

Max, United Kingdom
Heidi’s Window I Shenzhen, China

2. We are a Space Free of Politics

A unique element of our Group is that it is free of politics. The Group’s values relate to all of us, regardless of our political views. These views are important too, but there are other good places to share them. In our Group, it’s just not the place.

Our priority is keeping the space kind and positive, and it works!

“I’m very political, opinionated and make my opinions known all over the place. It would never occur to me to do this here, I love getting away from all that and be reminded that we are all human beings with the same desire to be happy and safe.”

Suki, Canada

“This is a fantastic service that unites people of the entire world in a way I have NEVER seen before. No politics or agendas. Just peaceful mutual respect. I am enjoying seeing and reading about people all over the USA and the world. Thank you very much.”

Don, USA
Evelyn’s Window I Singapore

3. Our Community Spreads Joy, Comfort and Hope

Our Group is a source of happiness to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Our Members make others smile and offer acts of kindness, daily.

“Thank you Arik . Let’s keep this loving spirits going”

Eva, Portugal

“What a fabulous page! I’m literally getting relaxed and happy looking at this!”

Yael, USA

“Amazng achievement! Arik, you are a special human being and we are all indebted to you for this magical space you have created and which we all love and enjoy so very much! Huge congratulations! “

Natalie, South Africa

“Thank you! This group allows a global connection like no other. I just shared and commented that scrolling this group lowers my Blood Pressure.”

Jennifer, USA
Kara’s Window I Armenia

4. Our Community is a Unique Demonstration of Peace and Coexistence

Since our Group’s creation, we have shown unique proof that is it possible to embrace a peaceful and positive International Community, which is cross-cultural, respectful, friendly, compassionate and loving. We make a difference!

“This site has been both an inspiration and a respite… It has been uplifting to see the words of love and friendship, of sympathy and encouragement, of faith and hope, shared with those we know only through this medium. It restores a faith in goodness, a hope for unity, and an aspiration toward peace. Thank you… all.”

Carolyn, USA
Edita’s View I Mali

5. We’re Uniting the World with Love

Instead of putting emphasis on our differences, which often turns into hate, we have been sharing our connections worldwide, which turns into love. And it works!

For us in the Group, a window is an opportunity to look through a transparent opening and see what is on the other side, in the hearts and souls of our fellows. Our windows help us to understand each other.

“This is a wonderful idea. You are bringing the world together in adversity.”

Rachel, China

“It gave me goose bumps! Thank you Arik for such a wonderful idea to unite people all over the world. It give us hope that not everything, or everyone is bad in this great world where we hear bad news everyday! Thank you”

Silvia, Brazil

“I continue to be humbled & amazed at just how wonderful so many people are, all around the world. I feel like you all are just friends I haven’t met yet.”

Arlyn, USA

“This group is so inspiring and brings people together.”

Annette,  Egypt

“… It is so awesome to see other’s views from around the world… It reminds us that although we are all different we are all the same…Gives us all a chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes.“

Herb, USA
Argentina’s View I Romania

6. We have Traveled Together to all Corners of the World

The Group is not only wonderful in conveying positive vibrations, but is also a great way to enjoy a virtual trip around the world. Through the Group and the beautiful sights that Members share, we travel extensively, from the comfort of our homes, while we #StaySafe. With us you get a world tour every day!

“Much love to you Arik. I feel like I have traveled the world the last few months, met some amazing beautiful people and even got friends with them.“

Laxmi, India

“… I’m loving feeling like I am getting a world tour each day”

Amanda, United Kingdom

“This group has been a blessing… It’s been a window to the world, for all of us.”

Manuela, Portugal

“This group has been such a blessing! I’ve traveled the world without leaving home. I’m more than willing to donate regularly to help. Bless you for providing this amazing beacon of light in such a dark time. ”

Donna, USA
Christelle’s Window I French Polynesia

7. Our Community offers Solace and Comfort to those in Challenging Situations

Members from our Group who suffer sadness, illness or bereavement, find compassion and comfort from fellow Members around the world. It is a beautiful part of our experience.

“This site seems to give some solace to folks suffering their own illness, or loss or illness of those near and dear, and if this site gives some peace or comfort, it is a known good.”

Bill, USA
Robyn’s View I Australia

8. We are Always Positive and Optimistic

Our Group’s environment is welcoming. When we can’t say something positive, we don’t say nothing at all. No arguments, no controversies. We keep it kind, safe & positive.

“Thank you for sharing your optimistic point of view… it allows us to connect to so many points of view through window’s pictures. Great group.”

Zohar, Israel

“All your positive pictures and comments will be my prayers. I’m happy with my friends in this positive group.”

Vaneta, Bulgaria

“And it’s so nice because no one comments with anything negative, only positive. It warms my heart.”

Charleen, USA
Lisa’s Window I USA

9. We are Advocates for Earth and Nature

Protecting our Planet starts with us, and in our Community we do our part to a great extent. Our Members consistently share sunsets, rainbows, forests, wildlife, and so much more of our beautiful Earth. In doing so, we reaffirm the need to protect our amazing Planet, as well as making a contribution to the cause.

“This group is a life line. Thank you to the founder and administrators! It is heart warming to see the support and beauty shared so lovingly from all over this beautiful planet we share.”

Isabelle, Switzerland

“If climate change threatens us all, so many photos including sunsets show nature proclaiming why we need to fight for the planet.“

Bill, USA

“Stay safe and enjoy the positivity of this group as we share the beauty of our planet!!”

Dennis, USA

“Our globe is beautiful! It’s been nice re-exploring of the beauty of our shared planet.“

Amy, USA
Daniel’s View I Netherlands

10. We Display Girl Power!

I’ve never noticed gender when I look at Group Members posts. Our Community puts emphasis on the things we share, rather than on our differences. We’re passionate about the good of all people, and indeed we have proven to be a Group of good-hearted individuals.

It’s still interesting to know, that my Admin account on Facebook revealed an amazing fact that is of value to share. More than 80% of our Members are women!

Along with its various attributes, our Group has been an awesome demonstration of Girl Power. It’s an inspiring celebration of the confidence, peacefulness, compassion and strength of women, from all over the world.

“I love your reflection. Women leaders have responded well to this pandemic…”

Jane, United Kingdom

“Girl power is something we need to wield with great love and wisdom.”

Dallas, Canada
Debbie’s Window I UK

11. We’re a Progressive Media Channel

Our Group, which was created in times of crisis, has surpassed the challenging days with success. During this intense period, I created an International and inspirational Member-generated media channel community, which is stable and solid. I went to great lengths to ensure that we have good service and Management structure, together with an enormous and supportive audience.

This media channel has a one-of-a-kind global positive voice and identity.

“Whatever we can do to support you… would be fine with me. Think of it as providing a service and I’d like to pay for it.”

Michelle, USA

“… Please change the way you see it. It’s others doing their part in a way that helps. ♥️ Love and thank you…”.

Kathleen, USA
Ron’s View I Israel

12. Our Members Say that this is the Best Facebook Group Ever!

Well, we like to be modest about such statements, but we do get flattered when Members compliment us in this way!

“Thank you for creating the best group in Facebook history!”

Noa, USA

“I don’t know who started this group but it’s the best group I’ve ever been in.”

Maria, England

“I would make a donation-this is the greatest site ever”

Gloria, USA

“The most beautiful experience I have had on social media. Not one negative. Only beauty, joy, and laughter. Thank you so much for the spiritual boost.”

Tanya, USA
Subrescu’s View I Norway

13. Our Members Express their Wish for our Group to Continue

Well, that’s very flattering too! When Members express their desire to maintain the Group and see it grow, it’s the greatest compliment the Admin Team could receive for their service.

“I would be devastated if I opened up fb and discovered ‘What do you see from your window’ was gone.”

Heather, Australia

“I think everyone here is in agreement that we want this site to remain forever, not just for a set time. “

Donna, USA

“Thank you for your creativity. Hope this will still continue after the pandemic…”

Marimon, Netherlands

“I would gladly donate to help keep this amazing group alive!… Love and thank you”

Kathleen, USA
Silvia’s View I Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What is Required to Create such a Success?

The success of our Group is a result of a combination of two major and fundamental elements:

1. The first element: the wonderful content that our Members submit. I thank you all for sharing. Without you and your beautiful windows, none of this would be possible.

2. The second element: continuous work of systematic and dedicated Moderation and Management performed by our Team.

For our Group to be the pearl that it is, and for our Project to succeed, is not a coincidence. To make all of this happen, hard work, time, dedication, service and money are required.

Behind the scenes, we work tirelessly to ensure content shared upholds the values of love, peace and togetherness that we hold so dear. Without our work, our Members would drown in spam, controversy and disturbing photos.

We’re more than half a million Members connecting from 167 countries. There is an enormous amount of content and communication that must be moderated. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that is only visible by our Team. The responsibilities that this enormous project requires are many. It is a Herculean task. We work hard to get things done, so that the space is available for you to enjoy, loyal to its quality standards and loving nature.

What, actually, are the Admin Team’s tasks? When we talk about work of Moderation in a Project of this size, what specific tasks and responsibilities are involved? To answer these questions, I have prepared a series of articles which addresses the daily tasks and responsibilities of our Group’s Admin Team. To see all of the posts on Admin responsibilities click here.

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


By Arik Zara

I am Creator, Project Manager and Moderator of "What do you see from your window?". If you would like to learn more about me, here is a post of my life story in my own words, containing some interesting chapters of my life.

4 replies on “13 Benefits, Values and Achievements that our Group Offers its Members”

Dear Arik and Team, Every time I check out this group I am uplifted. The 13 Values and Benefits resonate so much with me! Knowing that we share so many of the same values, no matter our political views, is reassuring. I am hoping this website will continue to bring people together. The photos and sentiments shared by group members shown from our homes across the globe reinforce that we live on a beautiful planet with beautiful people. We have enough pain and misery in our world so this group helps us to focus on the good in all of us

I think I Joined fairly early on, Arik, you and Kayne and everyone who posts have made the past 2 years bearable when our borders were shut here in”Oz”so so the travel we’d hoped to do was cancelled. You have made it possible o
Travel where we would never have thought of. Romania, who knew? North west territory in Canada etc etc etc. the biggest heartfelt thanks to all

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