Bear on the Beach


Bear and I went to the beach to watch the sun go down the other day. I waited until now to share this with you, my friends, because May 27 marks my third year here, after relocating my life from the icy North Sea to the crystal clear Med.

I stuck my stuff into two suitcases and winged my way from Scotland to Cyprus. It was a move I made that I have not regretted for a moment.

I gotta lotta strange looks from the locals — a lonesome lady lugging her stuffed animal about, trying to find the perfect pose for a photo, must have appeared quite weird, I’m sure. And a little lad even asked if he could hold my Bear, but I had to say no, signomi, sorry……

Today, I’m full of gratitude. I gifted myself when I got brave enough to shape up and ship out.

Love and light

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By LayneCain

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