Alligator Abundance

I couldn’t do too much today but here in Cornwall it was like a lesson in beholding the sheer abundance of nature and the immense comfort it can bring. No matter how I feel, I know there will always be surprising beauty waiting in the wings to be noticed. Every walk on part happens around me whether I take the time to really see it or not. It still performs its magic, but even more so if I simply tune in when the curtain is up.

On this sunniest of Sundays, I let myself be fully enthralled from dawn to dusk. Held in the embrace of one of those days that took my breath away with those tiniest of beautiful moments. Whether it was seeing a bee mistake my bright yellow compost bag for a flower as its shadow then danced with itself. Or my giggling delight at capturing the face of a fish as it flipped above water reflected in the evening light.

Such teeny weeny moments that never fail to reach in and touch me deep inside. Nature’s daily show, all abundant miracles in themselves ?

By Debbie Geraghty

Hailing from Scotland and now living in Cornwall, UK. A window gazing lover of river and clouds. A visual storyteller and wondering wanderer who tries to live deeply - but lightly.

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Beautifully written, I was there by your side seeing what you saw! Thank you ?
From Québec Canada ??

You write beautifully, and your photos are lovely and peaceful to view. Stay safe and optimistic??. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, USA ??

Thank you Dolores. So kind of you. And, yes, I hope to remain ever the eternal optimist 🙂 Stay safe…

I love following your posts on Facebook. This is the first blog post I’ve read. I’m now follower. You are as much wordsmith as photographer. Leaving beauty in your wake always.

Oh my! Thank you Betty. What a deeply lovely thing to say. So pleased you enjoy them. I find it very therapeutic to write and take photos and very touched you like them.

Thank you for coveying the beauty of nature, both in your photographs and words. Have many happy memories from Cornwall, although some years ago now. Stay well . Best wishes from the beautiful Jämtland, in Sweden.

Thanks so much Liz. The beauty of nature is almost beyond description, isn’t it. So glad you have happy memories of Cornwall. My big brother has lived in Sweden for many years so I get to hear a lot about your wonderful country too!

I became connected to you thru your post “from your window” today. Your love of nature’s magnificent beauty and simplicity, and the joy you recognize in being still presence to the unfolding moments….. I fully feel the same! Giant hug from over the ocean! My ancestors are from your part of the world. I will think of us as sisters!!?. Please keep sharing your beautiful-ness! Nancy. Kirkland, WA USA

Thank you Nancy for your gorgeous words and “beautiful-ness”. Love that. Much appreciated, my new Celtic sister! 🙂

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