A Very Resilient Dog

When I look out at my window, I see a very resilient dog who had three-quarters of her tail amputated today owing to a horrific accident two weeks ago.

She got through the surgery just fine and is happy to be back in her yard sniffing familiar smells.

Her splint came off today, too so it was a banner day…of sorts. She has a few weeks of healing ahead of her but she’s a sturdy Australian Cattle Dog/pittie who simply brushes herself off and persists.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following Coco’s story and supporting me with humor, thoughts, prayers, and good wishes.

With love from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

By Lee Sweeney Hume

Lee Sweeney Hume, a retired writer, mid-life, found her calling through volunteering. She regularly donates blood and volunteers with: a dog rescue organization, two libraries, writing and editing, advocating for gay and human rights, and entertaining her grandnieces with cookie-baking days.

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Resilient is a beautiful word to me, Lee! I believe most animals are naturally resilient like Coco, they don’t over think… I also believe humans would flourish if we adopted the essence of nature and its creatures…I love Coco and your writing!

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