A Different Perspective

Sign of the times…

✈️ June 15, 2018 I boarded a plane to France to walk 800km of the Camino de Santiago to Spain.

✈️ June 15, 2019 I boarded a plane to Stockholm to have one of the best summer holidays of my life traveling through Sweden to visit family and life-long friends.

? June 15, 2020 I went to the office. *sigh*

As an American living in China, even if I could get a flight out of China (there are very few) I cannot leave for the borders are closed to foreigners (even with visas). Read: the moment I set foot out of China, I can’t get back in. No new countries to explore. No trip to our family cabin on Star Island in Northern Minnesota. This traveler is not traveling this summer. *sigh again*.

This evening the clouds were looking especially beautiful and I wanted to see what the whole sky was looking like so I headed to the rooftop. If you live in a large city surrounded by skyscrapers like me, you will know what I mean when I say I wanted to get a look at the whole sky. It is really hard to do when you are surrounded by super tall buildings standing in the way of what might be a gorgeous sky if you only could get a glimpse of it all.

So, I got in the elevator and pushed the button for the 28th floor. When the doors slid open I climbed the final flight of steps to rooftop in anticipation of what I might see. Ah. The Whole Sky. Clouds and colors and in the distance Shenzhen Bay which links to the South China Sea and then even farther, because it was a clear evening, the green mountains of Hong Kong.

From the rooftop I could see the full glory of it all. Artistry that I missed from the lower-level vantage point of my 16th floor apartment window blocked by buildings higher than me.
You know, perspectives change when we rise above our circumstances, look beyond the immediate and are able to see The Whole Sky and some ocean and some mountains in the distance.

Standing on my roof top, I asked God to help me to rise higher than the vacuum of summer plans I’m staring at and see His Whole Sky. Surely from my limited view I don’t see all of the beauty, purpose, and dare I say adventure that awaits me. If I can let go of my little pity-party and ask God to give me the best summer ever and see things from His perspective, well, it just might become the best summer ever.

Stay tuned.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”
Philippians‬ 4:12-13‬ NIV‬‬

With love from China.

By Heidi Olson

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I admire your positive outlook under the circumstances. I also love Paul’s words from Philippians and apply them to my own life. Being a world traveler as well, I can certainly empathize with you on the loss of seeing new places and faces, but my memories nourish me now. I am grateful for all the gifts I have received from God over the years. He has truly given me the desires of my heart and still feeds my soul on a daily basis. Bless you, Heidi. Happy trails to you when this pandemic is over.❤️??

thank you dear Birgitte! Your words are encouraging and true. He has given us so many good gifts! God bless you as well!!

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