A Bird’s Eye View

This is a picture looking outside of my kitchen windows in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Birds come throughout the day to feast on shelled seeds in the bird feeder! We see sparrows and blue jays who are greedy bullies, and goldfinches like the one perched on top of the feeder. The bright yellow feathers always feel like a blessing bestowed on me. Occasionally a red-headed woodpecker will show up. He is a strikingly handsome bird who’s developed a taste for my clapboards. So my feelings towards him are…complicated. The bird feeder is a testament of my husband’s love for me: he tends to it year-round because he knows I love the birds.

Further back in the yard, there is private conservation land. We will occasionally see wild turkeys, foxes, rabbits. The oak trees are ancient and their leaves are only beginning to unfurl. There is a peacefulness and constancy outside my kitchen windows. The house, built in 1956, sold itself with this view.

By Lee Sweeney Hume

Lee Sweeney Hume, a retired writer, mid-life, found her calling through volunteering. She regularly donates blood and volunteers with: a dog rescue organization, two libraries, writing and editing, advocating for gay and human rights, and entertaining her grandnieces with cookie-baking days.

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