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Political discussions are important too, but there are other good places to have them. Here, it’s just not the place.

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Support the group by buying at the Group’s #Support souvenirs shop. This little and sweet shop, was set up with the generous support of the Group members, who generously provided the window-view photos to be used on the items.

The shop was set up to provide the necessary funding to support the project’s dedicated work of management, moderation, and development, and to allow a sustainable way to maintain the Group and to keep the project flourishing.

If our Group and community is important to you, buy at the shop, it will help the project very much, and you will enjoy a great memory and souvenirs from our special community.

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to be added soon…

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We will copy and paste your posts and photos from the group to the blog, and you will become an author of the blog. You will have an author page like this one (with your photo and a short bio). That way, all your posts will be located in a single space, your personal blog, for you and your fans to enjoy and following your content.

The StoryBlog and the PhotoBlog are a a great stage for Group members to display their talents and their contributions to society, as well an effective tool for spreading the positive message of our Group to additional audiences.

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Would you like to be a moderator on the Facebook group? We always need assistance with the round-the-clock moderation the group, of moderators from different time zone. The tasks of a moderator includes approving membership requests, approving posts, monitoring content and comments, dealing with spam and spammers, and so on. It’s an exciting, as well as intense. There’s a lot of interesting new things to learn about the back-end of a Faecbook group.

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Windows from The Window Photo Gallery

“There is a window from one heart to another heart.”

– Rumi